Spark extinguishing systems
„Made in Germany“

About us

T&B electronic is an approved manufacturer of spark extinguishing systems. The company was established in 1984 by Manfred Tolle and Dieter Buro in the town of Alfeld located in the south of the German federal state of Lower Saxony. Since its establishment, more than 30,000 T&B systems have been sold worldwide. The company today has representations on four continents. The company is headed by managing partner Thomas Warnecke, a graduate physicist. With the ongoing further development of our range of products we continue to set new standards and today are among the market leaders in Europe for technical fire safety installations with spark extinguishing systems.


Wherever pneumatic transport and mechanical conveying systems are installed, sparks may lead to fires and filter explosions.  Sparks are usually caused by the processing machines used or by material impurities. They put human lives at risk and result in production losses and high material damage. To exclude this risk, pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems must be monitored for sparks and protected by spark extinguishing systems.  The installation of spark extinguishing systems in compliance with the guidelines of the Association of Property Insurers (VdS 2106) may lead to an insurance premium discount of up to 15%.  Our state-of-the-art, microprocessor-controlled BM6 central spark alarm unit is highly adaptable and able to monitor between 1 and 36 areas.


In addition to the protection of traditional areas of application for spark extinguishing systems, T&B electronic has specialised in the protection of processing machinery and filters through gas extinguishing systems. For more than 30 years, our team of meanwhile approximately 30 employees has been planning, designing and producing extinguishing systems for customized fire safety concepts. T&B electronic has installed systems for customers in all industries, from asphalt processing plants to the sugar industry. We never compromise, even when it comes to the selection of our materials: all our components are made in Germany. “Made in Germany” is what we stand for and customers all over the world trust our expertise and quality.