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Spark extinguishing system
In pneumatic transport equipment and mechanical conveyor systems which transport combustible materials, flying sparks can often lead to fires or filter explosions. Flying sparks are generally caused by the machines used or material soiling. Production downtime, high property damage and hazards...
Gas extinguishing system
Machining centres for the machining of metals using combustible cooling lubricants represent a significant fire risk in production areas, particularly where the machining of alloys is involved. In addition to the actual working area of the machine, the workpiece transport area and the exhaust air duct are also at risk...
Infrared Early Fire Detection Systems for the Recycling Sector
Where paper, waste and fuels are stored in closed bunkers and open spaces, reliable equipment for fire detection and fire-fighting is required.....
Water Mist Extinguishing Systems
“The fact that there has not been a fire in an industrial plant for decades does not prove there is no fire hazard, it only shows that the operators have been lucky – and this luck may run out at any time.”....

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